DASSIN PILING ENGINEERING SDN BHD (978340-H) are Leading Sheet Piling contractor in Malaysia. Our Works are all over West Malaysia. We involved in all the infrastructure, substructure works, basement deep excavation where required SHEET PILE as part of their temporary structure to retain the soil from further erosion while excavation.
Our expertise will always advise client the suitable methodologies for different types of sheet piles wall require for excavation or slope repair base on the existing soil profile with the competitive pricing, budgeting and design.
There is few type of sheet pile wall design to be consider base on the site condition i.e.
a) Typical Sheet pile wall with horizontal / inclined strutting
b) Sheet pile wall with soil nailing / ground anchor support
c) Sheet pile wall with dead end tie back
d) Free standing sheet pile wall
e) Open cut with soil nail and guniting